Friday, January 31, 2020

Daycare in High Schools Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Daycare in High Schools - Essay Example For some schools, career education is the main objective for operating child-care facilities. And in some cases, the centers provide on-site child care for teachers and other school employees. When there are child care centers in public high schools, teen-age parents whose children attend the facility are more likely to complete their education and less likely to become dependent on welfare. The purpose of this ongoing descriptive study is to explore the transition to motherhood in adolescent mothers attending a large urban high school in New Haven with an on site parent support program and a school-based child care center. The first study aim is to examine the relationships among personal resources of the student-mothers, perceived environmental sources of stress and support, and student-mothers' parental competence and child health and developmental outcomes. The second study aim is to describe student-mothers' patterns of continued enrollment or graduation from high school, and subsequent childbearing in the sample. It appears that the urban adolescent mothers attending high school who are enrolled in an on-site parenting support program manifest positive parenting attitudes and behaviors, and the children enrolled in the child care center manifest positive development and health outcomes. The NCATS mother-child relationship scores were particularly impressive, espec ially in the sub analyses of cognitive growth fostering interactions between mothers and their children. The students with children enrolled in the school-based child care center have benefited with respect to their ability to complete or continue their high school education. With respect to delaying subsequent child births their rate of 12% of subsequent childbearing compares very favorably with much higher numbers (40%) reported in other studies. Effects of an Urban High School-Based Child Care Center on Self-Selected Adolescent Parents and Their Children: Examined the impact of an urban, high school-based day care center on low-income parenting teens and their children. Retrospective record reviews indicated that participating students showed improvement in overall grade point average. All students graduated or were promoted to the next grade. No participants experienced repeat pregnancies. Most children were current on immunizations and healthcare. Responding to the problem of teenage pregnancy is both difficult and controversial. Some schools have chosen to set up day care centers to help teen morns continue their education. If you're considering this option too, here's some advice from experts - those who've done it. Babies having babies. Everyone says it, with great despair, but few, it seems, are willing to do anything about the problem. Nearly everyone agrees

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