Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Marketing Communication Strategy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Marketing Communication Strategy - Case Study Example The essay will analyze and evaluate the buying behavior and perceptions of each segment. Communication objectives and strategies will also be included. A marketing communication plan will follow till the conclusion. 3TM is a simple structure that is low in specialization and formalization but high in centralization. Such organizations have few rules and the authority rests with the owner who in this case is the company's President/Executive Director; Shawn A. Wray. Such organizations are flat with two or three vertical levels and a loose body of empowered employees in whom decision making is centralized. Social factors: These include changes in demography and consumer's buying patterns. 3TM has to deal with people's changing attitudes towards charity and the company needs charity since it is the fuel to its engine. Also the public's perceptions of the different projects the company takes up is important since people support have different opinions to different projects and purposes to collect charity. Technological factors: All organizations have to keep up to date with the constant changes in technology. New developments in technology must be adopted for better management but they are expensive and funds are a problem for charity organizations. Internal marketing is a process within the organization that aims to empower and motivate employees at all levels in order to increase consumer satisfaction. The key concepts of internal marketing include alignment of the company's purpose in a way that it integrates with employee behavior in order to motivate employees to work for the betterment of the company. It is a problem but a necessity. Internal marketing is an essential communication tool since it helps to wipe out any resistance to change in the organization. It aims to involve employees at all levels in new initiatives and strategies. This motivates and empowers the employees and they feel like an important and valued part of the organization which further motivates them to work for the organization. This also eliminates high turnover and absenteeism since employees like to work for the organization. Internal marketing is a necessity since organizations are changing and growing continuously, renaming and re-branding is common, relationship marketing is the emerging field in marketing and it can be done with the help of employees only, Contract employment is more common then full-time employment so a brand vision and value is important for success, internal marketin

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